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Citizen Defense Training School Seminars

Does your school train in these life saving subjects?  If not, WHY? 



Citizen Defense Training Instructors have extensive experience in training on today's toughest school safety issues.  Citizen Defense Training has the practical real-life experience from cases that have undergone successful prosecutions in our Michigan courts.  This experience has shaped and streamlined the training on this tough social issue. 


Choose from student presentations that focus on the school climate and the legal responsibility that students have to help maintain the safety, order and discipline of the school, administration presentations and staff training. 

Student Information Presentations:

  • Kid Safety: Children Who Defend Themselves

  • Anti-violence: The Smart Options

  • Sexual Harassment: Respecting Prevention

  • Custom Presentations can be created to address your specific school's student needs

Student information presentations focus on helping teens to make educated decisions.  Citizen Defense Training informs the student offering answers to their concerns from the perspective of today's teen.  Citizen Defense Training's student presentations have fostered environments where students feel free to communicate the necessary information to the appropriate adults to maintain a safe school. 

Administration Seminars:

  • Administrative Searches: Legal and Practical Applications

  • Threat Assessment Profiles: Hidden Dangers, Lessons Learned From School Tragedies

  • Administration Searches: Building Threat Searches and Response

  • School Security Planning

Administration Seminars focus on giving the legal information and practices to assist administrators to proactively and efficiently address both internal or external school safety issues.  Citizen Defense Training educates administrators with the Supreme Court case law that empowers not binds progress.

Staff Training Seminars:

  • School Safety Plans: The How and Why

  • School Safety Plans: Lockdown! Now What?

  • Dealing With Violent Students

Staff training is developed to have the front line teachers and ancillary staff working in concert with administration.  Citizen Defense Training trainers has been responsible for helping to educate the educators in the arena of safety from violence and environmental dangers while at school.  Unless the staff is working from the same set of protocols as the administration, security cannot be achieved.


Contact Citizen Defense Training today to learn more about how these programs can be implemented in your school

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