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Our Mission

CITIZEN DEFENSE TRAINING brings to you the latest innovations in self defense training.  Our training staff is comprised of experienced police officers, military and martial arts experts.  The expertise of these individuals have come together to teach you simple and effective self defense.  Learn what has been proven in combat to be the most practical self defense techniques.

What Makes Us Unique

All Citizen Defense Training programs follow A.R.M.S© methodology to ensure maximum simplicity and effectiveness for The Average Joe and Jane. 

A.dvanced R.esistance M.ethod of S.afety© (A.R.M.S.©) addresses physiological, psychological and sociological issues in safety and combat. 

Citizen Defense Training instructors are compiled of experienced police, military and martial arts experts.  Learn self defense from the professionals that depend on these programs to defend their own lives everyday.  

Citizen Defense Training's programs are unique to other classes or seminars you have heard of, or even attended.  First and foremost, WE COME TO YOU! Our instructors will travel to your location, allowing you the safety and convenience of training in your own home or location of your choice, on your time, not a preset schedule.  With Citizen Defense Training, you don't need weeks, months or years of training to defend yourself.  Everything taught in our programs gives you the immediate skills you need to successfully defend yourself.  Citizen Defense Training is concerned in training the whole person.  You are taught to identify a threat before it becomes an attack and how to protect yourself from that threat.

Prior experience or previous training is not necessary with our program and best of all, the techniques you learn can be used to educate your whole family.  Citizen Defense Training's programs are based on fast, simple movements - not power - and focus on the ability to attack when you are in danger.  There are no flashy "Hollywood" moves in these courses.  Only the most practical and effective self defense techniques available.

Peace of mind - Citizen Defense Training provides you with the training to avoid the kinds of mistakes that could jeopardize your safety (or your family's).  Example: You are walking out of a shopping center at night, your car is several rows away from the doors.  As you approach your car, you see a couple of potential troublemakers watching you intently...What do you do?  Citizen Defense Training courses not only give you the means to defend yourself in a physical confrontation but also help you to mentally prepare to help PREVENT bad situations.

The right to protect your family and yourself is fundamental.  Peace of mind and safety starts and ends with you.  The responsibility rests with you.  You can either hope that no members of your family will be touched by crime, or you can prepare you and your loved ones to survive such incidents.  Citizen Defense Training can help.  In educating and training you in the most effective self defense training available.

Is protecting yourself important?  You need to be prepared to protect yourself.  Being prepared is what brings Peace of Mind.  Citizen Defense Training can help.

What Are People Saying About Citizen Defense Training

"I am so glad I took my daughter to this class.  This is something ALL teenagers should know."

- Janice - Shelby Twp.

"I have noticed that I am more aware of what is going on around me when I am out in public.  I feel safer."

- Virginia - Macomb Twp.

"I have boxed for years and I wanted to learn something that works with someone who is under the influence and can't feel pain.  This class gave me that information."

- Randy - Shelby Twp.

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