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Women's Self Defense

Citizen Defense Training is dedicated to help prevent violence against women.  The RAPID Women's Self Defense Course is designed to empower woman through knowledge and permission to protect themselves.  Political correctness in society has taught woman that they should ignore the "red flags" that signal danger in their minds.  Citizen Defense Training focuses on those natural instincts and teach participants to learn how to avoid and escape danger with techniques that are proven from real situations.  



There are no flashy “Hollywood” techniques, only what works.  Participants are taught various escapes from common attack scenarios.  Learn what criminals look for in a victim and how to avoid them.    The course does not rely on strength making it perfect for all fitness levels.  Techniques are designed to give even the most petite woman devastating power in defending herself and most importantly the permission to use it!

2 Hour Course (Interactive Lecture and Situation Based Training)



  • Course Topics:
  • Mental Preparedness

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Avoidance Techniques

  • Verbal Skills

  • Application of Safety Devices

  • Physical Skills

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