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Advanced Citizen Defense Training



Advanced Citizen Defense Training enhances the skills learned from the Basic CDT course.  This 2 hour seminar focuses on adding dynamic physical responses to your self defense arsenal.  When verbal techniques and environmental positioning have failed you have a right to employ an overwhelming use of force against your attacker to ensure your escape.  This course gives you techniques that build from the skills used in the basic course to address multiple attackers, when you are with your family, when you are seated (positional disadvantages) and what to do when retreating is not an option.



2 hour Advanced CDT course (Interactive Lecture and Winning Tactics Training)

Course Topics:

  •  Environmental Training

  • Multiple Attackers

  • Positional Disadvantages

  • Combining Techniques In Defense

  • Introduction to Ground Defense

  • Introduction to Personal Defense Weapons

  • Why Strength Is Not The Only Aspect of Defense

This is a dynamic training course.  Focus will be on applying use of force principals that minimize the need for strength.  However strains can occur.  Consult your physician before registering for this course.


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