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Basic Citizen Defense Training

The central goal of this 2 hour seminar is to better equip you to recognize and address aggressive, potentially dangerous behavior.  We will focus on identifying and preventing threats and taking action when  necessary.


1) Prevention - The prevention segment focuses on safety planning, and recognizing and de-fusing a potentially dangerous situation. Participants have the opportunity to develop a safety plan for dangerous situations in a safe environment. They are coached on how to interact and position themselves with a hostile individual.

2) Intervention - The second part of this seminar is centered on intervention and escape. It provides participants with simple yet effective physical techniques to allow them to escape from violent encounters (i.e., what to do if the aggressor grabs your wrist, your neck, your hair). 

Participants in this program are introduced to scenarios involving aggressive individuals. They are coached on how to use de-escalation strategies to help reduce the risk of a violent episode. Participants also learn about the range of safeguards that can be implemented and how to use them in a potential crisis situation. Personal safety techniques are also introduced so that participants are able to defend against and escape from basic physical attacks. This seminar is an ideal prevention tool for any individual interested in learning about personal safety.


2-Hour Seminar (Interactive Lecture and Self Defense Training)

Course Topics:

  • Mental Preparedness

  • Avoidance Techniques

  • Verbal Skills

  • Application of Safety Devices

  • Physical Skills

Remember: Using force is an option and personal decision.  Let us give you all of the facts so you can make an informed decision.


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