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Defending From The Ground


The ground is where 90% of all street fights end up... and itís where even the toughest men get their heads handed to them if they do not know what they are doing! These easily-learned ground fighting secrets will ensure that you are SAFE if the situation goes to the dirt. What Citizen Defense Training offers will amaze and shock you... because there is no way you could ever imagine that such a simple program offers such a high degree of safety.  Lecture will cover breath control to help avoid panic, environmental management to prevent being forced to the ground and simple finesse techniques to allow participants to handle situations that end up on the ground.  This class is designed for all body types.  "Everyone is the same height in a ground fight."



This is a physically demanding course.

8 hour training course (Interactive Training Environment and Scenario Based Lectures)

Course Topics:

  • Preventing Being Taken To The Ground

  • Preventing Panic To Maintain Control

  • Contact and Control

  • Guard and Mount Positions

  • Escapes

  • Reversals

  • Regaining a Standing Position

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