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Improvised Defense Weapons

You are face-to-face with a criminal intent on violently assaulting you.  If you can't escape what is your best way to defend yourself?  Obviously a weapon of some sort could work to your advantage.  Let's say you are weaponless.  What then?  The Citizen Defense Training Improvised Defense Weapons Course teaches participants to look to their environment for answers in a life and death emergency.

Improvised weapons have been used since the beginning of time.  Rock, stones, branches of a tree, even a handful of sand or dirt have been used to win fights ever since cavemen learned how to fight.  Would you consider a hot cup of coffee as an effective weapon?  Learn not just what can be used but HOW to use these items and where to strike with them.  The range of potential improvised weapons is limited only by your imagination.  Learn how the element of surprise is on your side with these techniques.  This course compliments unarmed techniques you already possess.


4 Hour Course (Interactive Lecture and Hands On Training)

Course Topics:

  • Identifying Environmental Weapons

  • Locating Targets To Strike

  • How To Use An Environmental Weapon

  • Using The Element Of Surprise

  • When The Law Allows Weapons Use

  • Escape

Remember: There are no rules in defending your life.  If you are fighting according to rules, you are fighting a losing fight.

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